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RichWay International & partner, FujiBio, have developed and engineered a superior product line that includes the BioMat, Alkal-Life water ionizer and the Rejuvena ultrasonic facial care system. Please take a few minutes to learn about these products. The menu above will take you to a wealth of information about each one.

These products are in use by thousands of customers world-wide. They enjoy the benefits of improved health through applied scientific techniques, coupled with the ancient wisdom of natures own resources. The elemental philosophy of FujiBio & RichWay International has changed lives with miraculous results. The combination of technology and nature is a powerful formula, yielding a healthier and more balanced life.

If you have a question about any of these products or becoming part of the FujiBio & RichWay distribution sales team please contact the following representative. Note, often a free demo can be provided, please inquire for more information.

For further assistance please contact:

Verna Collins

Franklin, North Carolina

Phone: 941-350-0624
Email: Verna@biomatbiz.com