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The following general feedback, as well as anecdotal case experiences, are voluntarily submitted by health professionals and individuals. These statements, which are not based on clinical trials, are being offered to Richway by consumers wanting to share their insights and beneficial experiences regarding the products on this website.

This information is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. RichWay International, Inc., Fuji Bio Science Inc., Richway Health Products, and our Independent Representatives make no medical claims for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease, and cannot assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. For those with medical conditions, we recommend that a healthcare practitioner be consulted who will assess these conditions and recommend the correct treatment and/or product protocol.

"I love my Amethyst BioMat. I sleep on it all night.  
One hour at top red and then the rest of the night at one yellow. It has made HUGE changes in my health. I have VERY PAINFUL neuropathy and it is now barely noticeable. My Restless Leg Syndrome was so bad that I requested medication from my doctor who advised against the meds because the meds they use for that are so damaging. Luckily, I now have no symptoms of Restless Leg! Also, I had extremely bad edema in my feet and ankles. Even with elevating them all night they would still be swollen every morning and would just get worse every day. Now - I wake up with my bones sticking out - like every other person. By the end of the day I may have some swelling but nothing like it used to be. I also have both hips replaced and a triple back fusion. The BioMat makes a HUGE difference in my pain level - Pain free. LOVE IT.”
Poppy L.. ~ Keswick, VA 

"The Amethyst Professional Biomat is truly a marvel, & an answer to my prayers for assistance in healing others & myself. One of the branches of Asian medicine I use, Zen Shiatsu, was unsurpassed in my practice until adding the Biomat to my healing tools. Now a dimension of treatment that goes even deeper & holds longer, with the additional modality of the Biomat, is being experienced. From my observations this is also true with acupuncture treatments performed on the Biomat – the experience is just incomparable! And, since these deep states of relaxation leading to healing are attainable with the Biomat alone, this can mean that often less (if any other) intervention is required, thus more freedom to focus on only the treatments that are most needed. I love this minimalist, less-is-more way of working & the Biomat makes it so much easier & more effective."
Janus Lee L. Ac., BA, MS Oriental Medicine, CP Zen Shiatsu (American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia) ~ Austin, TX

"I have been using the Mini-BioMat when I practice Restorative Yoga Postures in a reclining position - ie., Supta Baddha Konasana, Legs Up the Wall & Savasana; also, I am finding it to be useful for Pelvic Tilts, gentle Bridge, even Shoulderstand & Plough. Sometimes, I turn over onto my belly as it is cooling down & I am finding it to be very soothing - especially for Manipura Chakra. Often, I sit on the mat & meditate & chant after Relaxation. It seems that the chants vibrate more clearly through me when I sit on the BioMat. Sometimes, I just use it plain & simple - for healing & relaxation. Thank you so much."
Ginny Williamson, Lithe & Easy Yoga ~ Port Charlotte, FL 


"As a researcher and promoter of quality health products, I am always searching for the most effective. Personally, I am very electro-magnetic sensitive, which limits my time and use of some wonderful products. What I found most interesting with the Amethyst BioMat is that is seems my core resistance to electro-magnetics is becoming stronger. I can go to the grocery store, use other electrical products, sit at the computer and even on the phone much longer than before, which is a true God-send. Thank You!."

Millie Arnold  ~ MN


“My experience with the
BioMat has been life altering. I was having health challenges – edema and kidney problems. I was on a water pill called Aldectone with numerous dangerous side effects. Within a month of using the BioMat, I weaned myself off of the medication and have not had any symptoms of edema again. My body has corrected this imbalance via far infrared and negative ions. I feel blessed for having found the BioMat and getting off of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.” 
Lisa Barone, Hilton Head, SC




"I had severe swelling in my ankles and was barely able to walk with my walker. I also had a bad cough accompanied by pain in my chest from the cough.  My shoulder had spasms and was very painful.  I missed celebrating Thanksgiving with my Son and his family in Atlanta because of my ailments.  A dear friend brought the BioMat on Monday.  By Friday, much of my pain was gone and I was able to attend a wedding thanks to the BioMat. By the way, I am 83 years old."

C.R. ~ Charleston, SC 

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