A Multitude of BioMat Sizes to Suit Your Needs!

Mini-BioMat ~ filled with tumbled Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals
Cost: $650.00 plus s/h $40.00

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Amethyst BioMat Professional ~ filled with tumbled Amethyst Crystals

Cost: $1650.00 plus s/h $60.00

Our core BioMat product is the Amethyst BioMat Professional. This is perfect for health professionals as the size is designed to fit massage tables and comes with a professional travel case for mobility. As a licensed medical device the Amethyst BioMat Professional is the perfect adjunct for a variety of healthcare settings.

Far infra-red is known for it's pain management, many report very noticeable relief within one 30 minute session. The gentle radiant warmth of the BioMat seems to immediately melt tension and stress away, allowing clients to naturally reach a very relaxed state of being.

NOTE: Licensed health practitioners can receive a $100 discount (ONLY on this specific product),
if they fax a copy of their license when purchasing. Please inquire for qualification details.

Amethyst Professional

Our bed-size Amethyst BioMats are designed for home usage.... luxurious versions to sleep on! The clear silicon urethane panel over the entire surface of the BioMat allows the beauty of the Amethyst gems to be enjoyed. A Control Panel with variable heat settings, 100% cotton quilted cover and carrying case are included with purchase of the bed size BioMats.

Amethyst Twin BioMat ~ filled with tumbled Amethyst Crystals
Cost: $2600.00 plus s/h $100.00 

Amethyst Twin
Amethyst Twin

Amethyst Queen & King BioMat ~ filled with tumbled Amethyst Crystals

Queen Cost: $3500.00 plus s/h $130.00 
King Cost: $4000.00 plus s/h $160.00

Popular choices for luxurious home use include the Biomat Single, Queen, + King bed sizes... absolutely gorgeous!

Queen or King BioMat

The Queen / King BioMat comes with a dual control unit for individual comfort and adjustment levels. Amethyst Queen or King

Amethyst + Tourmaline Memory Foam Pillow ~ the perfect BioMat accessory!
Cost: $350.00 plus s/h $30.00

Biomat Pillow
Amethyst Pillow

All products come with a Money Back Guarantee + Exceptional Warranty... ask for details!